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Impiana Varia - A company of Various Dreams

Impiana Varia shares the vision and dreams of its founder, John George Ritchie. It is in a way his alto ego and a bit more. Though an accountant, Ritchie has always aspired to do more than just accountancy.

Impiana Varia Sdn Bhd as an entity takes on Ritchie’s rich work experience throughout his career as an accountant in the various organisations he has served and offers:

There is a section on Impiana Varia’s Dream Projects. These are projects that are ideas in incubation and which may or may not crystalize due to one reason or other. However, anyone with a similar dream is always welcome to share their views.

The latest dream to bear fruit is entering the integrated farming. Impiana Varia now offers fresh mushroom for sale.


General Insurance Services

These are the two Insurance Companies that Impiana
Varia represents:
– Chubb
– Tokio Marine
Please browse and select any product(s) you like. Contact us with your requirements (business, personal, or otherwise) and we will provide you with various options and solutions suited to your particular need(s).

Computer Solutions

Impiana Varia has the contacts and the resources to implement mega to medium sized computer systems. Contact us with your requirements (business, personal, or otherwise) and we will provide you with various options and solutions to your particular needs.

Accounting Services

Impiana Varia has a few accounts in its portfolio that it oversees. The modus operandi is to work with an assigned company staff who will handle the routine such as posting the entries and scanning and saving the documents in the cloud.  Impian’s role is basically to review and correct mistakes if any and generally provide the technical accounting support that any Company would need.


Mushroom Cultivation

Impiana Varia took over the business of Ecovative Enterprise on 15th February 2021. Since then the company has stared the distribution of the “Sui Bu” Mushroom at certain key mini-markets. Impiana Varia plans are to move the planting to new premises and until that is done there has been some instability in supply.

Impiana Varia works with the Lundu Mushroom Farm for technical expertise. See this PAPER for some background in getting involved In this business. A byproduct of Mushroom Farming is Vermicomposting. To learn more and may visit this SITE


Sheep/Goat Farming

This venture remains conceptual at this stage. See the attached PROJECT PROPOSAL. This project is too expensive to implement at the moment. The solution I actually to resort to Artificial Insemination to get cost down.

Vanila Plant

This is the latest farming venture that has high yields. This project is subject to getting land available for Vanilla Plants. The tie up will be with Kairos Agriculture. See KAIROS FACEBOOK. Kairos Agriculture will provide the technical support for this project.

Vegetable and Others

This is the catch-all section. Anything that comes to mind will be covered here.

Impiana Varia can provide the bridge for like-minded people to pool their resources together to start a farm that they can work on.

Contact us with your requirements and we will see how we can be of service.